New homeowners

Concierge Services for New Homeowners

You’ve purchased a new home, and it’s everything you dreamed it would be and more. You have growing anticipation to move in, but anxiety sets in when you realize the amount of work that goes into moving, unpacking, and getting to the point when you can kick your feet back and relax. What if you could get to that final stage of the process stress-free? Concierge services for new homeowners is the solution. Continue reading

personal concierge gift certificates

Give the Gift of Time: Personal Concierge Gift Certificates

The holidays are here and so is the time to find the perfect gift. f you’ve used our services before you can guess that a personal concierge gift certificate is an experiential gift that is fun to use and appreciated. It’s the perfect gift if you are looking for a personal and thoughtful gift to treat friends and family with, especially going into the new year.

While there are endless occasions to gift personal concierge services, here are a few to keep in mind as the invitations arrive and celebrations approach. Continue reading

Christmas Tree Delivery and Disposal

Boston Christmas Tree Delivery and Disposal

While we don’t all have room in our homes for Christmas trees the size of Boston’s, we don’t like the smaller ones any less. Christmas trees are a quintessential holiday tradition that hold a special place in many people’s hearts. Whether you grew up cutting down your own or decorating a miniature one picked out from the grocery store, the Christmas tree is a display of the holiday spirit. Sometimes we need a little help putting together that holiday spirit. That’s why we like to offer Christmas tree delivery and disposal.

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holiday gift shopping

Hire a Personal Shopper for Your Holiday Gift Shopping

Whether you love or hate it, gift shopping at any time of year always takes up more time and energy than you expect. Holiday gift shopping in particular is a beast of its own since everyone else is shopping at the same time and there’s a million more social obligations. A personal concierge can help you choose and locate the perfect gift, purchase it, and make sure it is perfectly wrapped and delivered on time. Meanwhile, you get to enjoy the best part of gift giving: making someone’s day.   Continue reading

thanksgiving checklist

Countdown: Thanksgiving Checklist

Thanksgiving is tomorrow, and you’re likely one of three people. You’re a holiday wiz who has has every plate already planned, an over-caffeinated and under-rested parent still cleaning up Halloween decorations, or you’re somewhere trying to balance in between. Regardless of which you are, this Thanksgiving checklist is for you. (If you haven’t already, take a glance at our Thanksgiving Prep list as well!)

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