Young kids at summer camp

Find The Perfect Summer Camp with Simplified

When it comes to fond (and sometimes embarrassing) memories, you can always count on someone to recall a story or two from their days at summer camp. For many families, going to summer camp is a cherished tradition. What isn’t always so cherished is the amount of work it takes to find the perfect summer camp for your children. Luckily for you, the staff at Simplified are pros at finding the summer camp that best suits exactly what you and your children are looking for. Continue reading

Boston Personal Assistant

Boston’s Premiere Personal Assistant

Simplified is no stranger to high profile clients. The reason you will never hear us talking about them is because we respect their privacy. With more than a decade of experience as Boston’s premiere personal assistant company and winning Best Concierge in Boston by Boston Magazine, we plan on continuing that streak by managing the needs of all of our clients, including those who may require more discretion than others. Continue reading

folded shirts organized

It’s Time to Organize & Love Your Spaces

Seasonal Cleanout. Purging. Marie Kondo-ing your life.

Whatever term you wish to call it, it all comes down to one simple thought: How did I get so much stuff, and how do I get rid of it all? It’s easy enough to shove that juicer you never use in the back corner kitchen cabinet. And all of that baby or kid gear that is never used anymore? It’s been living in the back of a closet for way too long. Continue reading