Simplified Business Support

From proposing a job description, to reviewing resumes and scheduling interviews Simplified brought the same care and attention to detail they bring to everything they do.”

– John Goscha, Founder and Chairman of the Board,
The Finally Light Bulb Company from Lucidity Lights, Inc.

Are you a small business owner who could use an occasional admin? Do you need someone as another pair of hands to tackle projects at your company?

Use Simplified’s personal assistant services for your business. We assist with administrative tasks, plan office functions and even organize work spaces for maximum efficiency.

  • Administrative work
  • Organization
  • Event planning
  • Errand running
  • Stock supplies
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Simplified Events Virtual Support Covid 19 Support

We are here to help.

For many, work is busier than ever as we sort through all of the complications from COVID-19. Our team is available to provide virtual admin support, complete special projects and in-person business related errands. Call upon the extra help you need to be more successful at work.