Personalized Gifts for Business Partners

When holiday gift season rolls around, you want the gift you give to your business partners and vendors to stand out. We’re sure most people appreciate standard gifts such as a box of chocolates or a bottle of bubbly. But why not stand out and give a holiday gift that is memorable and reminds the recipient of you throughout the year?

A gift certificate of concierge services demonstrates your appreciation for their time and will strengthen your partnership with them into the new year. The more you are able to help them, the more they can potentially help you.

Whether the business partners or vendors you work with are in the Boston area or across the country, a Fini Concierge gift certificate gives the gift of time. If there’s one thing on everyone’s wish list, it’s the gift of more time. A gift of concierge services can be used to help with local errands, such as home management and organization, or virtual ones, such as making travel arrangements or planning the next company party.

Ready to give the gift of time? Request Fini Concierge gift certificates online.