Rental Turnovers on Cape Cod

Our team understands that renting your home on Cape Cod can be a stressful process—for both you and the renter. However, that stress can easily be avoided if you had people you trust nearby to oversee the details when you aren’t there. Instead of working with a company with a flat-fee, our team of concierges can help you on an as-needed basis and make the transitions seamless.  


Before your renters arrive on Cape Cod, it’s important to make sure your home is in the best condition. Our team will complete any projects you may have been putting off– from cleaning out your garage to overseeing the building of a new deck or outdoor shower. We will make sure the job is complete in time for your renters to move in. We can also recommend our favorite landscaping companies to make sure your property looks neat and clean.


While you are renting out your home, we can help you by helping the renter! We can pick up and deliver groceries before they arrive and during their stay, make dinner reservations, arrange for catering or a private chef, plan daily activities, and arrange for linen rental, among other things. A positive experience may result in repeat renters or referrals!

Meanwhile, we can also help you by arranging your travel by providing car services, train or ferry tickets, flights, and car rentals. While renters are staying in your home, our team can also help you with your daily errands—from going to the dry cleaners to walking your dog while you’re out all day.


Many times property owners only hire a cleaner for turnover days and rely on them to report anything that may need to be done to the home before the next renters arrive or anything that may have been damaged.  Trust Fini Concierge to provide a walkthrough on turnover days to relieve the cleaner of that responsibility on hectic turnover Saturdays.

When your renters leave, we will make sure your home is clean and ready for your return or the next tenants. We will put fresh sheets on all of the beds and switch out the towels in the bathrooms. We can also go grocery shopping and make sure your fridge is stocked with all of your favorite things.

Rental turnovers on Cape Cod should be easy. Our Cape Cod team knows what needs to be done so that the homeowners and renters enjoy the experience. Get in touch with us about our Cape Cod Home Management Services.

Editor’s Note: This post was originally published in May 2017 and has been updated for accuracy and comprehensiveness.