managing a second home

A Guide to Managing a Second Home in Boston

Owning a second home in Boston comes with a lot of perks. But it also comes with a lot of challenges. Stepping away from your busy life to manage your second home can be overwhelming, and at times, checking off those to-do list items seems impossible. Our home management services were designed to ease your stress and take on the daunting tasks that you just don’t have time for. From checking in on your heating systems to arranging your travel plans, consider it done. Continue reading

Cape Cod Hidden Gems

12 Hidden Gems on Cape Cod

Whether you are just visiting for the day or a summer resident, everyone wants to be in on the secrets of Cape Cod — the best beach for swimming, local spot for homemade ice cream and the freshest place to get just-off-the-boat fish. Our team of trusted Cape Cod concierges has been making lives easier for locals and vacationers for over two decades, and we’ve got the inside scoop on the 12 best things to do on the Cape.

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cape cod farmers markets

Cape Cod Farmers’ Markets Grocery Delivery Service

Cape Cod farmers markets offer a delightful way to experience the area’s rich agricultural heritage. With a variety of fresh produce, locally made goods, and unique culinary treats, these markets are a must-visit for both residents and vacationers alike.

Would you rather be at the beach? No problem! Make a shopping list and our Cape Cod concierge team will pick up and deliver local goodies right to your door.

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Outdoor Yoga Class

Outdoor Fitness Ideas In and Around Boston

Boston consistently ranks among the healthiest cities in the country. That comes as no surprise to Boston’s residents. Home to the most prestigious marathon in the world, the Boston Marathon, this city is full of people who love to stay in shape.On any given day (even in the middle of winter), you can find the banks of the Charles River lined with runners. But running isn’t the only way you can enjoy the outdoors on your fitness journey. Continue reading


Managing a Second Home on Cape Cod– For New Yorkers

Choosing to live in New York City is a thrilling adventure, filled with endless opportunities and excitement. But even the most passionate city dwellers crave an escape from the hustle and bustle. That’s why having a vacation home on Cape Cod is such a fantastic idea. The fresh ocean air, peaceful landscapes, and charming coastal towns offer a perfect retreat from the noisy sirens and crowded streets of NYC. Whether you’ve invested in a second home on the Cape to unwind or to create cherished memories with family and friends, you want your retreat to be a haven of happiness, not a source of stress. This is where having the right support, like Simplified, can make all the difference.
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Family sitting at table

Simplified: Your Ultimate Solution for Managing Daily Life

Simplified knows we aren’t the only company out there that promises to make your life easier. There are other services that will either deliver your groceries, drop off your dry cleaning, or help plan your winter vacation. But do you know of any that will do all three and then some? That’s where Simplified stands apart from our competitors. We’re here to make your entire life easier, not just one aspect of it. Here are just a few ways our team fulfills that promise:

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