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The Best Beach Spots in Massachusetts for Summer Fun

The heat is on and a day trip to the beach is on all of our wishlists. But where to go? From popular spots to secluded sanctuaries, we’ve found the best beach spots in Massachusetts for soaking up the sun (so you don’t have to).

Best Views: Crane Beach, Ipswich

Crane Beach offers four miles of soft sand, a vast horizon with a view of Plum Island, boardwalks, and sand dunes. It’s one of the best beaches for swimming and taking in the scenery. Additionally, it serves as a sanctuary for a nearly extinct species of birds. Pack a cooler, plenty of sunscreen, and go catch some rays.

Unique Experience: Singing Beach, Manchester-by-the-Sea

Singing Beach is known for its unique sand that produces a sound when the wind blows over it, giving the beach its name. It’s a popular spot, but well worth the trip. Pack your umbrella for shade and go hear the sand sing for yourself.

Artistic Activities: Revere Beach, Revere

Revere Beach hosts an annual sand sculpture contest, where talented sculptors create intricate masterpieces from sand and water. As the oldest public beach in the US and accessible by public transportation, it offers a treat for the eyes. Don’t forget to stop by Kell’s Kreme for some delicious ice cream.

Most Adventurous: Aquinnah Beach, Martha’s Vineyard

Aquinnah Beach is known for its rocky cliffs, making it an adventurous spot. While swimming is not recommended due to the powerful current, exploring the sand and cliffside offers a cinematic experience. Just beware of the clothing-optional section under the cliffs if you want to keep your adventure PG.

Boston Beach: Spectacle Island, Boston

Spectacle Island offers much more than just a beach—hit up a hiking trail, recreational area, picnic spot, and more. Take the ferry that runs daily in the summertime and enjoy a little local getaway with various activities.

Most Private: Preston Beach, Swampscott

For a secluded spot away from other beach-goers, Preston Beach is a hidden gem. It’s significantly less busy than most beaches but still just as beautiful. Grab a book and your sunglasses and dip into relaxation.

On the Cape: Coast Guard Beach, Eastham

Visit the historic Coast Guard Beach, a favorite on Dr. Beach’s list every year. This idyllic national park, site of the Pilgrim’s first landing, is perfect for stretching out and listening to the sound of the waves meeting the sand.

Personal Favorite: Good Harbor Beach, Gloucester

Good Harbor Beach offers the best of both worlds—pleasant enough to be popular but spacious enough to avoid crowds. Make a stop at Virgilio’s Italian Bakery in town for sandwiches and flaky sweets before jumping off the boardwalk bridge into the water, swimming, or catching some zzz’s under the sun.

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Editor’s Note: This post was originally published in June 2022 and has been updated for accuracy and comprehensiveness.