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The Dilemma of Taking a Vacation

We know that it is hard for a lot of people to take a vacation leaving their work behind, whether they own a business or not. But for business owners, and especially small business owners, there are several additional layers of challenges when they are away from their businesses. Will things run smoothly if you are not there to support your team? What if an emergency happens? How do you account for loss of revenue if you are not there to generate business? Not to mention the loss of control that you feel.

As small business owners, taking vacation is hard. Because the co-founders of Fini Concierge are married (and like to vacation together!), when they go on vacation it is a greater challenge to the team than if just one of them was gone. When Eddie and Chantal took their first week long vacation, they only had one staff person working with them. It turned out to be one of the best things they ever did. Not only did it give them a break that they really needed, but it also gave their staff person the chance to be in control — to successfully problem solve, deepen her relationships with clients and instill a new level of confidence in her own abilities.

And they’re always so pleasantly surprised at how happy their clients are that they’re going away – provided that they’re coming back! “You deserve it!” “Enjoy yourselves!” “And have fun!” are the sorts of responses that they get to their announcement that they’ll be away. Of course, it’s impossible to turn your brain totally off when on vacation. At dinner they’d find themselves discussing clients or goals for the next year and even when on the beach their minds would drift to things they need to work on when they get back. But that’s not all bad as it does give you a different perspective on things then when you’re bogged down in the thick of it.

Fini Concierge was founded based on the principles that people should have a choice to live life differently – to have help when and if they want it — to make life easier and less stressful. We strive to help people feel that they have balanced lifestyles and that includes vacation and time off to rejuvenate and focus on themselves and those that are special to them. If we don’t do the same, we’re not living what we are trying to help create for others.

So, whenever you’re ready to take that needed vacation, let us help you relieve the stress and worry.

Editor’s Note: This post was originally published in Ma y 2016 and has been updated for accuracy and comprehensiveness.

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