Away Checklist

The Ultimate Away Checklist for Stress-Free Travel

Picture this: Sweet summer has arrived, and you hear sandy beach waves and scenic road trips calling your name. You find the perfect vacation spot, pack everything you need, and hit the road. After traveling, you finally get to your stay and take a moment to stretch and breathe. You feel refreshed and rejuvenated already. You’re tired after your travels, so you order some food service and drinks and start to doze off—but you jolt awake. Did you lock the back door? You look at your phone and see the handyman is coming by tomorrow for that appointment you forgot about. You have a missed call from the dog sitter, too. Suddenly, your getaway feels not so away, and you’re not able to relax because you didn’t prepare ahead of time.

While there are lots of packing checklists out there, an away checklist for the stuff you’re leaving behind could help you avoid a situation like this one. Staying true to our name, we at Simplified put one together for you so you can spend more time at the beach and less time on the phone.

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Boston colleges graduations

Plan Your Visit: College Graduation in Boston & Cambridge

As spring blooms in Boston, the city’s vibrant energy is further amplified by the excitement of graduation season. With over 60 colleges and universities scattered across the area, Boston and Cambridge become bustling hubs as families converge from near and far to celebrate their loved ones’ academic achievements. Caps and gowns adorn every street corner, marking the culmination of years of hard work and dedication. Amidst the flurry of activity, families eagerly prepare for this monumental occasion, seeking to ensure that every moment of their graduate’s milestone is cherished and celebrated to the fullest.

Simplified Travel is your ultimate ally for seamless travel arrangements when visiting Boston or Cambridge for graduation festivities. From coordinating accommodations to arranging transportation, we ensure that your trip is stress-free, allowing you to focus on celebrating your loved one’s achievement.
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Red Sox Baseball

Boston Red Sox Spring Training Travel Planning

If you’re a die hard Boston Red Sox fan and can’t wait for the regular season to begin, you’re probably itching to attend Spring Training season games. We don’t blame you. In addition to getting to watch your favorite team in a more intimate setting, you also get to escape to Florida and enjoy a warmer winter. If you’re ready to plan a Red Sox Spring Training trip, we have a few tips for you.

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Winter travel planning

Winter Travel Planning with Simplified

It may be summer, but we know it’s also the perfect time for winter travel planning. Simplified knows that this can feel like a daunting task with the research, ticketing, and reservations required to plan the perfect vacation. We aim to make your travel process a breeze and ensure you get the best of everything – accommodations, flights, and experiences.

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How To Get Around Boston

How To Get Around Boston: Insider Tips

Boston is known as a major US city that has a small town feel. Its neighborhoods are distinct, have plenty of character and are easy to travel from one to the next. If you’re not used to city living, navigating Boston can be a challenge. Our team at Fini has the best transportation options and insider tips for you to know how to get around Boston and make the most of your visit.

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