Winter travel planning

Winter Travel Planning with Simplified

It may be summer, but we know it’s also the perfect time for winter travel planning. Simplified knows that this can feel like a daunting task with the research, ticketing, and reservations required to plan the perfect vacation. We aim to make your travel process a breeze and ensure you get the best of everything – accommodations, flights, and experiences.


Destination Research and Accommodation Availability

Winter travel planning begins with choosing a destination. With a plethora of options to choose from, it can be overwhelming. At Simplified, we help you narrow down options based on your preferences. Once a destination is decided, we dive into finding the perfect accommodation. We get a head start on securing bookings to make sure you get your dream stay.

Finding the Best Flight Prices

Flight tickets can be a significant part of your travel budget. We use tools like Skyscanner to find the best ticket prices. Timing the booking right can save a lot on tickets, and our winter travel planning experts are pros at this.

Planning the Perfect Itinerary

A vacation is as good as its itinerary. We plan an itinerary tailored to your interests, including attractions, dining, and local experiences. We make reservations, so you don’t have to worry about availability.

Coordinating Transportation

Winter travel planning also includes coordinating transportation, whether you need airport transfers or daily commuting. We ensure your transportation aligns with your itinerary for a smooth travel experience.


With Simplified, winter travel planning becomes a relaxed and exciting process rather than a stressful one. Let us take care of the logistics, so all you need to focus on is packing your bags and anticipating the trip of a lifetime.

If you love to travel but hate all the planning, consider using our Simplified Travel service. That way you can enjoy the trip without the stress of planning it.

Editor’s Note: This post was originally published in 2017 and has been updated for accuracy and comprehensiveness.