Hidden Gems on Cape Cod

Whether you are just visiting for the day or a summer resident, everyone wants to be in on the secrets of Cape Cod — the best beach for swimming, local spot for homemade ice cream and the freshest place to get just-off-the-boat fish. But one of Cape Cod’s most treasured hidden gems isn’t a vacation hot spot or must-try restaurant, it is our team of trusted assistants making lives easier for second homeowners and vacationers alike.

Since 2004, Fini Concierge has been quietly providing relief from the pains of owning a vacation home on Cape Cod. It’s no secret that second home ownership on Cape Cod, when it’s sometimes challenging to get there as much as you’d like, can be a bit stressful. Overseeing vendors working on your home or prepping the house for guests’ arrivals can become a drag if you don’t have someone you can trust to ensure that things are as they should be when you are not there.

Fini Concierge’s services reduce the stress of second home ownership. From opening a cottage and stocking its kitchen to conducting home check-ins during the winter months, our team is available with one call to help, providing much needed peace of mind for our clients who often aren’t able to spend as much time at their Cape home as they’d like. And then when they are there, our services give them more time to relax and enjoy time with friends and family.

No longer having to battle the hectic pace of Cape Cod during the summer months, such as crowded supermarkets and wine stores, Fini Concierge clients arrive to discover a fully stocked refrigerator, fresh flowers on the table and even wine chilling on the deck. Fini Concierge clients are free to enjoy time with their family, take a Pilates class or spend the afternoon at the beach, as their to-do lists are already checked off. Shhh… Cape Cod life is way better than many even imagined thanks to the clandestine Fini Concierge team.

So now the secret is out. And with the Fini Concierge team cover blown, our staff reveal other Cape Cod hidden gems that home owners and vacationers, alike, will appreciate:

Surf Camp: Cape Cod Surf Camp
Whether you are new to the ocean or you’re a seasoned salt, their unique approach to mastering the art of surfing will suit your needs, and keep you coming back for more. Campers meet in Orleans and surf in Orleans and Wellfleet.

Health Studio: Heart Core Fitness Studio
Strong is the new skinny. Myya Beck, owner, believes there are no true limits but the ones we put on ourselves. Go push yourself! P.S. Amazing views while you work out, located in Wellfleet.

Best Authentic Meal: Viv’s Kitchen
In the mood to try something new? Spice it up with a delicious Brazilian-inspired meal, located in Orleans.

Kids/Adults Art Studio: Dot to Dot Art
An inspiring space for both kids and adults, in Harwich Port.

Pie Shop: Marion’s Pie Shop
From apple to chicken pot pie, their pies are the BEST! Main Street, Chatham.

In Home Massage: Cape Massage
There is no better way to unwind than with Brooke’s strong healing hands. Located in Orleans.

Bloody Mary: Squealing Pig
BY FAR the best bloody mary in all of the Outer Cape! Commercial St, Provincetown.

Family Photographer: Studio K
We trust Lee every year to capture our family. She truly creates a magical, memorable experience. Cape wide.

Local Breakfast: Hangar B Eatery
If you don’t have time to make breakfast for the family, this is the next best thing (or maybe even better than home!) Located in Chatham.

Cheese Fries: MoJos
Tucked a bit off of busy Commercial Street, you will want the gooey cheese fries for breakfast, lunch, & dinner. Ryder Street, Provincetown.

With our blueprint for a more enjoyable summer on Cape Cod revealed, reach out for more ways our Cape Cod Vacation Services can help make your vacation the best yet.

Editor’s Note: This post was originally published in July 2016 and has been updated for accuracy and comprehensiveness.