End of summer on Cape Cod

Your Cape Cod End-Of-Summer Checklist

When the autumn leaves start to fall, many second homeowners on Cape Cod breathe a sigh of relief. The end of summer on Cape Cod marks a transition. While it’s not the peak season for visits or vacation rentals, it presents the perfect opportunity to revamp and refresh. From long-postponed projects to ensuring everything’s in top shape for the next peak season, the end of summer on Cape Cod is the moment to act.

Here’s a curated Simplified checklist to guide you through the end of summer on Cape Cod:


  1. Room-by-Room Inspection: Dive into pending projects. Go room by room, noting what requires attention.
  2. Declutter: Time for a garage or basement clean-up. Organize items into ‘keep’, ‘donate’, and ‘dispose’ piles.
  3. Outdoor Enhancements: Consider adding a new deck or outdoor shower. Many Cape Cod contractors prefer this season to undertake such tasks.
  4. Gutter Maintenance: Remember the hassle of cleaning gutters last year? It’s worth investing in gutter covers for year-round smoothness.
  5. Shop Smart: Eyeing that new outdoor grill? Now’s the time to explore “end of season” sales.
  6. HVAC Care: After their heavy use over summer, ensure all HVAC unit filters are replaced and serviced.
  7. Freshen Up: Update linens and towels, especially if your place serves as a vacation rental. Fresh arrivals always appreciate this touch.
  8. Rethink Housekeeping: Were you content with the cleaning service this past summer? If not, this is the best time to seek, interview, and onboard a new team. And, Simplified is here to help!
  9. Garden Prep: Cape Cod’s fall is mesmerizing. Use it as a cue to rejuvenate your garden and sow for a fall harvest.
  10. Local Eateries: Those popular summer spots? Book a table now. Most remain open till Columbus Day.

For more tailored solutions or assistance with managing your Cape Cod property, reach out to us at Simplified.

Editor’s Note: This post, initially shared in July 2016, has been revised to ensure relevance and precision.