Collecting vegetables

Prepping Your Summer Vegetable Garden

As the frost thaws and buds begin to bloom, New England home gardeners eagerly embrace the arrival of spring, marking the long-awaited beginning of the gardening season. After months of hibernation, it’s time to dust off the gardening gloves and embark on the journey of preparing our summer vegetable gardens. From plotting out the perfect layout to selecting the finest seeds, the anticipation of cultivating vibrant crops and savoring the fruits of our labor fills the air with excitement. Join us as we dive into the essential steps and expert tips for kickstarting your garden and nurturing it to its fullest potential this spring.
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Planting a garden

Personal Garden Manager & Landscape Concierge Services

Spring has sprung! With the arrival of warmer weather, it’s time to turn our attention to the garden. Whether you’re nurturing a vibrant array of wildflowers or cultivating a bountiful harvest of fruits and veggies, Simplified is here to lend a hand. Are you starting from scratch or seeking assistance in maintaining your existing garden? Either way, our team can tailor a plan to suit your needs perfectly. Let’s work together to make your garden dreams blossom into reality this season!
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Organized shelves

The First Steps to Getting Organized (From a Professional Organizer!)

Sometimes just thinking about getting organized is overwhelming. What do you start with first? Computer files? Photographs? Closets? Your office? There are many strategies to getting organized,  some we’ve heard along the way and many we have used ourselves. However, taking the first step is the most important and can help you tremendously.  If you feel like there are so many places to start, choose one of these four tasks to kick start your organizing.

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