Home Management Plan

Create Your Stress-Free Home Management Plan

Love your home but dread all of the endless home projects that go along with it? We’ll help you create a comprehensive, customized annual home management plan that details standard service needs and proactive maintenance. A Simplified Home Management team member schedules, coordinates and oversees all scheduled vendor visits.

Getting started is sometimes the most daunting step. No matter what your home needs are, we’ll customize your plan to fit your life.

introducing The Home management plan

Our comprehensive plan has key features to thoroughly care for your home:

  1. Annual Plan: A customized annual plan that details standard service needs and proactive maintenance.
  2. Home Project Management: We will manage home projects – planned or not – as they arise; obtaining quotes, scheduling vendors, supervising work.
  3. Communication: Our team will be in touch after each scheduled vendor appointment. A home report detailing the status of home projects and upcoming appointments is sent monthly.
  4. Home Walkthroughs: Regular home visits ensure your home systems are functioning properly and allows our team to proactively assess needs.
  5. Handyman Projects: Our handyman team is available to complete smaller jobs and punch list projects.
  6. Emergencies: Our team is available to respond to any home emergency.

Clients appreciate the clarity and control the Home Management Plan brings to their lives. With it, you can make caring for your home an easily approachable task. Learn more about our Home Management services in Boston and on Cape Cod, and contact us to request your own home management plan today.


Editor’s Note: This post was originally published in March 2022 and has been updated for accuracy and comprehensiveness.