prepare for springtime

End of Winter Checklist

When Daylight Saving Time arrives and we’ve been teased with warmer temps. It must mean winter is on its way out the door! Before we say goodbye to the snow and blustering winds, let’s run through an end-of-winter checklist to make sure your home maintenance is on track.

  • Schedule AC maintenance: Before you know it will be warm enough to blast the AC. Make sure you’re on your HVAC company’s schedule for yearly service.
  • Plan a storage switch: Out with the snowboards and in with the bodyboards! Make a list of everything you want to send back to storage (winter items) and another list of everything you want to bring back from storage (spring/summer items). Don’t have a storage unit?
  • Exterior home inspection: Winter can be tough on your home’s exterior. Be sure to have garage doors, gutters, roofs and porches/decks inspected.
  • Landscaping: Start planning your spring/summer garden. Whether that means putting in a call to your landscaper or ordering seeds for spring planting, don’t fall behind on how to make your outdoor space as beautiful as possible.
  • Window cleaning: Schedule an appointment to have your exterior windows professionally cleaned.
  • Snow tires: Get those snow tires switched out for the regular ones.

As the arrival of spring approaches, let Fini help with your home management to-do list.

Editor’s Note: This post was originally published in March 2017 and was updated for accuracy and comprehensiveness in 2021.