Self Care Starts With Having More Time

Many goals at the beginning of a new year include self care. The promise to be better to yourself. Self care can take many different forms, but the ability to practice self care often means finding the time to do it.

When you already feel overloaded with work, family, social and civic obligations, in addition to just the daily to dos of life – when can you possibly be expected to carve out more time? Self care seems like a luxury, but trust us. It’s not.

Self care is not a selfish act. You have to put your oxygen mask on first before being able to help others.

How exactly do you find the time to practice self care? Delegate. Give those tasks you don’t have to do personally to someone else.

Groceries: You don’t have to spend an hour each week shopping. Hand it off.

Home maintenance appointments: You don’t have to spend 4 hours at home waiting for the plumber to arrive. Hand it off.

Car repair: You don’t have to spend an entire morning at the mechanic waiting for your car to get fixed. Hand it off.

Gift shopping: Never know what to buy anyone for special occasions? Hand it off.

There are so many situations in life that don’t require your presence every second of the process. Think of all the time you gain by handing off the tasks you don’t love to make time for the ones you do.

Whether self care means making more time to visit friends, indulging in a massage, or even just reading a book – it’s time that helps you feel more refreshed and energized.

If you’re not sure how you can hand off certain obligations or which ones you can, give us a call to learn more about our Personal Admin Services. We are experts at helping our clients find more time.

Editor’s Note: This post was originally published in January 2018 and has been updated in 2021 for accuracy and comprehensiveness.