Christmas Tree Delivery and Disposal

Boston Christmas Tree Delivery and Disposal

While we don’t all have room in our homes for Christmas trees the size of Boston’s, we don’t like the smaller ones any less. Christmas trees are a quintessential holiday tradition that hold a special place in many people’s hearts. Whether you grew up cutting down your own or decorating a miniature one picked out from the grocery store, the Christmas tree is a display of the holiday spirit. Sometimes we need a little help putting together that holiday spirit. That’s why we like to offer Christmas tree delivery and disposal.

christmas tree Delivery and Disposal

A little known secret is that the Simplified team loves to pick out Christmas trees. If you’re having a hard time figuring out when you’ll have time to get a Christmas tree this year, let us know. We’ll pick up the perfect tree for your home. We’ll even set it up in the stand and decorate it too. We also don’t discriminate against the artificial trees either. We know some of you have allergies or just don’t want the mess of all the tree needles. If an artificial tree is more your speed, we’re happy to pick those up too.

Once you’re ready to take your tree down– whether it’s January 2 or February 13 –we’ll happily take the decorations off and store them for you. We’ll also store the artificial trees and dispose of the live ones. We can also organize and pack away your decorations and ornaments! Just remember: most cities and towns only pickup live trees for a few weeks after the New Year. If you think you’ll be too busy or burnt out after the holidays, do yourself a favor and have us help!
Need help with your Christmas tree this year? Ask about how our Holiday Services can help with all of your holiday needs.