December Holiday Checklist

Simplified’s December Holiday Checklist

Ah, December! The month where lights twinkle, bells jingle, and there’s a certain magic in the air. Yet, with the charm comes a flurry of tasks that can sometimes be overwhelming. With Simplified’s dedicated Holiday Services, you’re equipped to enjoy a holiday season that’s not just delightful but downright dreamy. Here’s your specially curated holiday checklist, featuring services we proudly offer to ensure your holiday season remains merry and bright.

1. Deck the Halls with Ease

Let’s start by transforming your home into a winter wonderland:

  • Curated decoration themes to match your preferences.
  • Sourcing, setting up, and even storing post-season decorations.
  • Crafting personalized holiday centerpieces for your dinner table.

2. Festive Feasts and Treats

It’s not just about the meal; it’s about the memories made around it.

  • Menu planning with a touch of festive flair.
  • Grocery shopping and ingredient sourcing.
  • Coordinating with caterers or even arranging personal chefs.

3. Gift-Giving Simplified

Unwrapping joy is a cherished holiday season tradition. Let’s make it special:

  • Personal shopping for thoughtful gifts.
  • Unique gift-wrapping services.
  • Efficient shipping solutions, ensuring timely deliveries.

4. Holiday Hosting without the Hustle

Be it intimate dinners or grand soirées, we’ve got you covered:

  • Event planning from A to Z.
  • Vendor coordination and management.
  • On-the-day assistance, letting you enjoy as a host should.

5. Travel & Stay Coordinated

If the December holidays beckon travel or you’re hosting guests:

  • Travel itinerary planning and booking.
  • Organizing local tours and festive experiences.
  • Accommodation solutions, ranging from hotel bookings to cozy B&Bs.

6. End-of-Year Errands

With the year wrapping up, there are essentials to consider:

  • Year-end bill payments and documentation.
  • Forwarding mails or setting up automated responses.
  • Organizing year-end charity donations on your behalf.


With the days counting down to year-end, our goal at Simplified is to fill each one with cheer, minus the chaos. Dive into the holidays with our checklist in hand. And when in doubt, remember we’re just a call away. Embrace the festivities, and let Simplified’s Holiday Services handle the rest. Cheers to a splendid season ahead!