Holiday Gift Wrapping

Tips For Holiday Gift Wrapping

It’s crunch time. You’ve started to gather your holiday gifts, and now it’s time to wrap them.

Gift wrapping: You either love it or hate it.


Tips for those that love it.

  • Buy wrapping paper with grid lines on the back. If you’re someone who has a hard time cutting a straight line, wrapping paper with grid lines on the back help you make the perfect cut.
  • Fold in sides and corners: Even if it’s just a centimeter or so to hide that not-so-straight cut, this will give your wrapping a cleaner, more professional look.
  • Use invisible tape. This keeps your wrapped gift looking clean and professionally wrapped.
  • Put a bow on it. We love this how-to guide on making the perfect holiday bow. Bows add an extra bit of polish to your gift.
  • Fun gift tags. We love the selection Paper Source has to offer.

TIPS for those that hate it:

  • Put it in a box! Seriously – there are so many fun boxes out there that you can put a gift in. Get one that has a print on it and voila. You’re done!
  • Take advantage of store wrapping. Many stores will gift wrap the presents you buy for you. Take advantage of this and you’ll walk out of that store all set.
  • Hire someone to do it for you! The Simplified team loves to wrap gifts. Here’s one we’ve done:



If you want holiday gift wrapping out of your hands this year, or just need help picking out some beautiful wrapping paper, consider our expert team at Simplified this season.