The Top 10 Most Requested Professional Organization Projects

How many times have you been late because you couldn’t find a mitten or a shoe? And how often have you spent hours searching for a box of pictures or the Christmas wrapping paper that you know is there somewhere?

As much time and frustration as it would save, prioritizing home organization projects is tough. And even if you start one, it’s so easy to get overwhelmed or lost down the rabbit hole of one project leading to another and then another.

We’ve seen (and organized) it all, from cluttered garages to crowded basements. In fact, we have our top ten list of most requested professional organization projects. Take a look and see if any of these ring a bell with you. Then get in touch and let us help you reduce and reorganize!

  1. Closets: There never seems to be enough storage space in closets. And when you’re in a rush, you’re not going to stop and shift things around, so things just wind up in a pile on the floor. We’ve been there. Extra shelves, bins, and shoe racks can help declutter linen, shoe, clothes, and coat closets.
  2. Playroom: Just when you thought you had the playroom cleaned up, the kids come home and everything is on the floor again. But don’t chalk it up to messy kids right away. If you have trouble finding places to store toys and games, chances are they will, too. Rethinking and reorganizing the playroom in a way that makes sense for kids may do the trick.
  3. Basements: Basements can flood, so keeping things organized and off the floor is important. You may also be storing non-perishable food in the cool temperatures of your basement. Going through them every once in a while to get rid of expired items is a good idea.
  4. Attics: The attic is the place things go when you have nowhere else to store them. And maybe that just means it’s time to give away or recycle those items, rather than letting them linger.
  5. Garages: Garages have become so much more than a place to put your car. Tools, lawnmowers, fridges, and even exercise equipment can take up space and make it impossible to even fit a car. The proper shelves and wall storage units may just be the solution.
  6. Libraries: If you’re a bibliophile, a dedicated library is a dream come true. But they can get out of hand quickly. Establishing an organization system for your books can make your library much more user-friendly.
  7. Bathroom Vanities: It’s important to go through your vanity every few months and throw out expired medications, makeup, skincare products, and whatever else you might have in there. And once you’ve pulled everything out, it probably needs a good cleaning, too.
  8. Pre- and Post-Move Organization: It happens to everyone. You get down to the last of your packing and it’s just a pile of miscellaneous stuff. So, you just throw it in a box to worry about later. Pre-move organization can eliminate that box. And, of course, post-move is the perfect time to start fresh with an organization plan.
  9. Kitchen Cabinets and Pantry: A busy kitchen becomes disorganized pretty quickly, leading to spoiled food, over-buying, and waste. A good organizing can help you save time and money when you’re cooking.
  10. Bedrooms of Young Adult Children: It can be hard to let go of childhood belongings. But it’s also hard to move on to new hobbies and interests when the shelves are full of Little League trophies. It may be time to store or donate old items and start fresh in that room.

If you’re ready to get organized but not sure where to start, no need to worry. Our professional organization services can take the whole project off your hands and let you focus on living in your home rather than organizing it.