organizing family memories

Best Ideas for Organizing Family Memories

Taking precious family snapshots to fill your home with is a wonderful idea. It’s also a quick way to create an atmosphere full of love and memories. But knowing how to organize those family memories can sometimes be tricky. We’re sharing some of our great ideas for organizing them.


Gallery Wall

What better way to organize your family’s memories than being able to walk into a room and see them everyday? We love creating a gallery wall that is a combination of our children’s (or our own) artwork and photos of cherished family time together. We also know how to arrange it in a way that really pulls the pieces together with the space that they’re in. Need to schedule a photographer for up-to-date photos? We can help with that too.


We all know the dilemma of having piles of our children’s artwork just lying around the house. We love putting them into scrapbooks, whether digital or physical, and organizing them by age or school year. It’s a great way for your family to look back fondly on past memories. Pro tip: digitize the school work in its own “book” for even more organization. If you want a more curated look, we’ll put in those extra details that make all the difference.

Keepsake Boxes

Not everything can, or should, be framed or put into a scrapbook. We reserve these items for keepsake boxes. Think of sentimental clothing or toys you hope to pass down to your grandchildren. Or a favorite set of books you’d love to revisit in the future. Anything you can’t bear to part with or hope your children can use in the future should go into these keepsake boxes.

Digital Photo Organization

We’ve all heard the horror stories of parents losing all of their digital photos. Don’t let this happen to you. Create a system for regularly backing up all of your digital photos. We also work with trusted digitizers that will do it for you with a variety of options.

Photo Books

Want to remember a fun family vacation? Or put together a highlight of your child’s school year? Create a photo book. There are so many options online and it’s an easy way to make organizing family memories fun, too.

The Big Items

We literally mean size when we say big items. Sometimes it’s a skateboard or a set of snowshoes you don’t want to part with. We’ll help you figure out a storage system for all those big items that need saving.


We always have the best intentions when organizing family memories. The biggest issue is finding the time and way to organize them. If you’d like help keeping your family memories organized, reach out to our team today to utilize our organizing tips, vendor recommendations, and other services.

Editor’s Note: This post was originally published in August 2019 and has been completely revamped and updated for accuracy and comprehensiveness.