Boston’s Premiere Personal Assistant

Simplified  is no stranger to high profile clients. The reason you will never hear us talking about them, is because we respect our clients’ privacy. We have more than a decade of experience as Boston’s premiere personal assistant company, and we plan on continuing that streak through our teams’ ability to manage the needs of all of clients, including those who may require more discretion than others.

If you are someone who manages elite clients and aren’t sure where to find the best personal assistance for your client base, Simplified should be your first call. We can walk you through how our company will not only help make your clients’ lives run more smoothly, but also how they will never have to worry about privacy concerns when they work with you.

Trust is the number one reason that SImplified has been so successful. Our clients trust us not only to make their lives easier, but to be discreet while doing it. The Simplified team has been assisting high profile clients in Greater Boston for more than a decade and are experts in what they do. Does your client need help navigating a new city because they moved to Boston recently?  Are they always on the road and have never really had a chance to get settled in their new home?

Simplified can be trusted to discreetly help get your client’s home and life in order. Does your client need help with all the daily to-dos so they can focus on doing what they love – whether that’s hitting another one out of Fenway Park or running a successful biopharmaceutical firm? Let Simplified shop for the groceries, get their car serviced and find the perfect dog walker. And no one else will have to know.

While there are other options to help your clients’ lives run more smoothly, you don’t get the same level of professionalism and guaranteed privacy from errand service companies and individuals. With us, you know who is coming to their door every single time, and it’s not another unfamiliar face that just happened to be available that day. Simplified can be trusted to get it done and be discreet.