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Why You Need A Personal Assistant

It’s Sunday morning at 11 and you have two choices: join friends who you haven’t seen in months for brunch, or tackle that long list of errands and huge pile of laundry that desperately needs to get done. If only you had a personal assistant!

The week flies by and suddenly it’s 7:30 on Thursday night— you haven’t had a chance to get to the grocery store but your favorite yoga class is tonight. Not to mention the dry cleaners close in a 30 minutes, and you still have to pick up your outfit for this weekend. Has this happened before?

Saturday night arrives and your stomach is grumbling thinking about dinner. Wait, did you forget to call for a reservation? By now it’s too late, they’re sure to be booked. Sound familiar?

There are never enough hours in a day to accomplish all that we hope to do. As our list gets longer, the laundry pile gets bigger and the stress of having to do these things grows larger. As we get busier, we forget to do things as projects and errands weigh down on our minds, serving as a constant distraction. These are the dilemmas of our everyday lives; dilemmas everyone is sure to experience.


It was on those busy days where co-founders, Chantal & Ed Boxer felt like there was too much to do and too little time. They would dream about how perfect it would be if they had help from a personal assistant. Then, they could see  friends for brunch and eat pancakes with ease knowing that everything important was being handled.

They had a vision and created a solution—


Since their “A-Ha” moment, it has become our mission at Fini to help others escape the torment we often felt. Our model has always been grounded in the idea that we wanted to create a choice, free from hassle or complications, for people to live with less stress and more time to do the things they wanted to be doing. These were and continue to be our motivations for Fini Concierge—a company providing personal assistance on an as-needed basis.

Today, we have over a decade of experience behind us and know that we’ve helped to change many lives for the better. Reach out about how our Personal Admin Services can give you the help you’ve been needing.

“We’re excited to share how we’ve helped our clients lead less stressful lives and gain more enjoyment out of daily living. Although we still often struggle to figure out the balance in our own lives (we thought we were busy then!), we plan to share with you what the concierge industry is all about, plus the successes and lessons we’ve encountered on our own journey of building a business.” – Chantal & Ed Boxer

Editor’s Note: This post was originally published in May 2017 and has been updated in 2021 for accuracy and comprehensiveness.


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