School vacation

Massachusetts School Vacation Help

When the kids are off from school and it’s not summertime, that usually means that the parents take a break too. And that makes for the perfect excuse to plan a getaway for the family during school vacations. Once you’ve picked out the ideal location, you can turn to Fini Concierge for all your vacation services needs.

Here’s how we can help:

  • Booking travel: We can do it all. Flights, cruises, ground transportation, trains… However you want to get there, we’ll make the reservations.
  • Accommodations: Are you more of an all-inclusive resort type of family or do you prefer to rent homes in the secluded countryside? Either way, we’ll find the best options for you.
  • Itinerary research: Need help figuring out what to do while you’re away. We’ll make sure you know all of the must see places while you’re on vacation. This can include: activities, restaurants and local sites.
  • Pets: Whether you want your furry loved ones to travel with you or stay behind, we can make sure they are well taken care of. Want the ins and outs of traveling with pets? Want the best sitter for your furry family member while you’re away? Consider it done!
  • Home Check-In: There’s no need to worry about your home while you’re on vacation. Fini Concierge offers peace of mind home check-ins. Whether it’s just to stop in and make sure everything is running smoothly, or also bringing in the mail and watering plants – Fini Concierge will make sure your home is in its best shape when you return.
  • Errands: Are there items on your to-do list you’ve been putting off because of the inconvenience of you being at home? Let’s us get all those work shoes re-soled while you’re on vacation. We can also bring in the handyman to fix everything on your punch list.

If you’re ready to plan your next trip during one of Massachusetts school vacations, contact Fini Concierge about our Personal Family Assistant services.


Editor’s Note: This post was originally published in January 2017 and has been updated for accuracy and comprehensiveness in 2021.