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Planning Your Passover Seder In Boston

There’s always so much to do in getting ready for Passover, and one area Simplified can really help is in prepping for the Seder. Getting ready for this ritual-packed feast doesn’t have to be stressful. Let us do the prep for you, so all you have to do is open the door when your guests (and Elijah) arrive. 

Shopping for your seder

Want to spice up your Seder this year with a new Haggadah? Looking for a memorable Afikomen prize or host gift? Find a selection of Passover items to choose from at these local shops:

  • Brookline Booksmith has a great variety of progressive and traditional Haggadahs plus Passover cookbooks and greeting cards.
  • If you’re looking for accessories for your Seder table, you’ll find everything you need from Israel Book Shop in Brookline. They have a Passover store where you’ll find Haggadahs, Matzah Covers, Seder Plates,  Afikomen Prizes, and more.
  • To really motivate the kids at your Seder to find the Afikomen, stop by Henry Bear’s Park where you can shop by age and find the perfect prize.

Hosting a Virtual Seder

If you are looking to host a virtual Passover seder this year, check out these tips from  We love their ideas on gathering family recipes, creating a collaborative Haggadah, and assigning a music director to lead the virtual group in song.

And if you’re not able to be with loved ones this Passover, you can always send Passover gift boxes  to let them know you are thinking of them and help fill their Seder table with special sweets or decorations.

Hosting an in-person seder

If you are hosting your Seder at home this year, you have the options of cooking yourself, catering a meal, or a combination of both. We recommend keeping the items you love to make on your menu (like Grandma’s Matzo Ball Soup) while taking advantage of the amazing food options from local restaurants and bakeries:

  • The Butcherie is a family-owned and operated delicatessen that has been serving up authentic Kosher delicatessen and eastern European comfort foods for more than 35 years in Brookline. They always have wide variety of Passover essentials like Gefilte Fish and a selection of Kosher for Passover prepared foods.
  • Clover Food Lab is offering the Clover Passover Box available 4/13 and 4/14 with free delivery within 30 mile radius of Cambridge. It comes with a Matzo Fluffernutter Kit, Passover appetizers, main dishes, and desserts. This is great for one big seder or many smaller meals throughout a week.
  • Mamaleh’s Passover menu is available for pickup 4/13 thru 4/23 so you can plan a few meals throughout the week of Passover when you run out of Seder leftovers.

If preparing the meal yourself, let us do the shopping for you. The last thing you want to do is navigate the packed grocery aisles and push through the crowds for the items on your shopping list.

Passover Sweets

Who doesn’t love chocolate covered matzo? Here are a few of our favorite local shops with special Passover candies and desserts:

  • Tatte is making it easy for us to enjoy this holiday. Pick up a Tatte Matzo Chocolate Decorating Kit – your kids will enjoy decorating and you can enjoy the fruits of their labor!
  • If you are looking for something gourmet, stop by EHChocolatier in Cambridge for unique spins on Passover desserts like  their Flourless Chocolate Cookies and Chocolate Matzah Almond Toffee.
  • Visit Blacker’s Bakeshop in Newton to fill your cabinets for the week with Passover treats like Passover  Brownies, Coconut Macaroons, their addictive “Matzah Crunch”, and the classic Passover Sponge Cake.

Passover Crafts for Kids

We know most kids struggle to get through a long Seder and want to skip verses of Dayenu to get to the meal, so keep them entertained with these fun ideas from Tori Avey for creative Passover crafting and art projects you can make at home or choose one of these DIY Seder Plates to create ahead of time so they feel like they helped you prepare for the big day.

Through our Holiday Services  we can make this the least stressful Passover to prep for yet. We can even help if you’re not hosting the Seder like picking up a great host gift, picking up flowers for the table,  or hiring a babysitter to watch the little ones.


Editor’s Note: This post was originally published in 2017 and has been updated for accuracy and comprehensiveness.