event services on cape cod

Our Event Services on Cape Cod

Are you planning a celebration, gathering or any special occasion? We understand that the process can be overwhelming! But guess what? At Simplified, we take the stress out of planning. Our expertly delivered event services on Cape Cod cover everything from sending out engaging invitations to meticulously choosing the ideal venue.


Invitations and Venue Selection

Your event’s first impression starts with the invitation. Digital or paper, modern or traditional? No matter your preference, we can handle it. Our expertise in crafting compelling invitations will ensure your guests feel special from the start. We’ll also diligently search for and select the perfect venue to suit your event. This dedication to detail is a hallmark of our Cape Cod event services.

Theme Creation and Catering

Want to personalize your event with a unique theme? We’ve got you covered. We’ll brainstorm, develop, and implement a theme that aligns with your vision. But we don’t stop at aesthetics. Our team will also collaborate with top caterers to create a menu that will wow your guests, satisfying diverse tastes and dietary needs.

Reservation and Supplies

Don’t sweat the small stuff. From making guest reservations to ordering essential supplies, we take care of it all. That’s the beauty of our comprehensive event services on Cape Cod. Whether you need to source custom decorations or secure specific equipment, we’ll ensure everything is perfectly in place.

Day-of Setup and Guest Welcome

On the day of your event, our team swings into action. We meticulously set up, following the planned layout to the letter. We ensure every detail aligns with your expectations. When guests arrive at your home, they’ll find fresh flowers, a bottle of wine, and a selection of fine cheese and crackers waiting for them. A warm and hospitable welcome is guaranteed!


With Simplified, event planning is a breeze. We focus on every detail, so you don’t have to. Our promise is to deliver seamless and memorable events. Trust our Simplified Event services on Cape Cod and focus on what truly matters – making lasting memories. You’ll love how easy and enjoyable event planning can be with Simplified!