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Tips for Wedding Planning on Cape Cod

Getting married on Cape Cod? Thanks to our concierge and Cape Cod local, Allison, we are armed with insider tips to help you plan your dream day whether it be on the beach at sunset or in a gorgeous venue with amazing water views. Besides the obvious– choosing vendors and locations– we have put together a list of some of the details that will help in making your big day a Cape Cod dream.


High Wedding Season on Cape Cod is late May through early October. This is the busiest season on the Cape due to the weather of course! Beach day after beach day, makes planning a beach wedding a bit easier. On the flip side your “private” beach ceremony wont be so private because the beaches are crowded up until the sunset. Also be prepared to give your guests 6 months advanced notice  so that they can book accommodations.  Everyone wants to be on the Cape in the summer!

Right after Columbus Day weekend is considered Low Wedding Season.  Weather is a bit more unpredictable, but there will be less traffic, more vacancies, and vendors are more likely to offer you deals.


Beach rules vary by town, but be sure to pull a permit for your beach wedding as soon as you have the date set.  The permit might also play a part in choosing your date as there may already be one pulled for the beach of your choice.  This should be one of the first things on your list to do if your heart is set on a specific beach.


You definitely don’t want your guests wading in water during your ceremony or reception. Be sure to check the tide chart that corresponds with your chosen beach.  For the picture perfect light, make sure to take a peek at the time the sun sets.  Your photographer should be able to help choose the best time.


The Cape’s unpredictable weather can add to the stress that you already have planning your big day, so be sure to have a back up plan if you are opting for an outdoor setting.


Local, Local, Local!! There is no one better that knows the Cape like a local.  That’s why choosing local vendors is a no brainer.  If they don’t have an answer, they will know someone that does.

Ready to start planning? Consider our Cape Cod Wedding & Events Services to help you prior to the big day, arrange accommodations for your friends and family, meet vendors the day-of, and whatever else you need so the day goes smoothly. Set up a call or in-person consultation with our team to get started.

Editor’s Note: This post was originally published in April 2017 and has been updated for accuracy and comprehensiveness.

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