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Guide To Moving In Boston from the Experts

Does the thought of moving make you anxious like no other big life activity does? Don’t worry. You’re not alone. Moving is one of life’s top stressors, but lucky for you the Fini Concierge team has moving in Boston down to a tee.

Here is our guide to moving in Boston.

When to move: Or should we say – “When not move?” Boston is a city that is built upon the dozens and dozens of colleges housed here. Which means that September 1 is the busiest moving day of the year in Boston. Peak moving season is also summertime, which not only means it’s the busiest and hardest time of year to find a mover, it’s also the most expensive.

Parking: Moving in Boston requires parking permits. Most moving companies will handle this for you for an added fee. You don’t even want to try moving without a permit. Not only will your moving van be issued citations you have to pay for, the move likely won’t end up happening.

Hiring Movers: How do you know which moving company is the best for you? The most reliable? Fini Concierge will get moving estimates, client referrals and offer our own expert advice on movers we’ve worked with and loved before. We’ll even let you know which ones to pass on.

Finding Packing Supplies: Are you letting the movers pack or are you doing it all yourself before the big day? Either way, there are numerous resources for boxes and packing supplies depending on your budget and what your specific packing needs are.

Downsizing & Trash: Most moves involve a good amount of purging. A lot of people divvy their purged goods into two piles – donate and trash. We’ll take all your donations to the best nonprofits. And whatever’s not fit to be donated will be recycled and trashed.

Switching Over Your Life: Moving in Boston also means making sure the rest of your world follows along. That means switching utility accounts, changing address, updating insurance information and finding a new dog walker for your favorite furry family member. If the thought of tackling all of that gives you a headache, the Fini Concierge team can step in and take over.

If you’re looking to move in Boston, consider Fini Concierge’s Simplified Moves program. It’s the easiest decision during your move you’ll have to make.

Moving can be an overwhelming experience. Plan ahead and make sure nothing is overlooked to eliminate any move related stress. See posts →

Simplified Moves Package by Fini Concierge

Editor’s Note: This post was originally published February 8, 2017 and has been updated for accuracy and comprehensiveness.

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