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Tips For Long Distance Moves

Moving is a stressful time no matter how you slice it. But when you factor into it that you aren’t just moving to a different neighborhood in the same city, but an entirely different state or country altogether – that’s when things start to get really complicated. Lucky for you, the Fini Concierge team are experts when it comes to moving, whether it’s across the street or an entire ocean.

Here are some of our tips when it comes to making a long distance move:

  • Find the best movers: Did you know that many moving companies outsource long-distance moves to other companies? The team that packs you up may not be the same to unload when you arrive at your new home. Make sure you know and are comfortable with who your movers are every step of the way. The Fini Concierge team can meet with different moving companies to acquire estimates and make sure you pick the perfect moving company for you.
  • Insurance: A lot can happen between packing up your belongings and when the movers arrive at your new home. Check with your insurance company to see if your property is covered during a move. If not, ask the moving company what sort of insurance coverage they provide should an unfortunate accident occur.
  • Pack smart: Whether you’re packing yourself or having professionals do it, make sure all boxes are labeled. Include a box of “Day One” items. These are handy things you can use immediately – pots, pans, mix of clothing – that will be useful, especially if all the unpacking doesn’t get completed the first day. And if there are other items you’ll need immediately upon arrival, take those with you. Examples are: personal documents, hygiene products and small personal electronics such as a tablet.
  • Know your delivery window: You’ll be hard pressed to find a long distance mover that can give you an exact date of arrival for your items. Some may offer this for an additional cost. With this in mind, be well versed with what the delivery window for your belongings is. It could be anywhere from seven days to three weeks or longer.
  • Move-in logistics: Is your new place a single-family on acres of land with plenty of place to park a moving truck? Or are you moving into a condo in a managed building in the middle of a busy downtown neighborhood? Know the parking situation for your moving truck. Know the move-in rules for managed buildings – many require parking permits, insurance certificates and elevator holds.
  • Research your new neighborhood: You’re not just moving your belongings to a new home, you’re moving your entire life. And getting to know your new area can be daunting and take a lot of time. Fini Concierge is an expert on the Greater Boston and Cape Cod area and can help you figure out how to navigate your new life here. Whether it’s what schools your children will be going to, your closest grocery store, or the best dog walkers – we’ve got your covered.

If you’re feeling stressed or overwhelmed, reach out regarding our Simplified Moves Program. We can help you prioritize your tasks and take care of anything you don’t have time to do.

Editor’s Note: This post was originally published February 15, 2017 and has been updated for accuracy and comprehensiveness.