Couple receiving new home keys

Final Walk Through Checklist For New Homeowners

Buying a home is not as romantic as it seems. Yes, it’s great to scroll through listings online and spend weekends visiting open houses, envisioning just how you’d remodel this room and decorate another. But the harsh reality is that buying a home is an incredibly stressful experience for new homeowners, especially if they’re not prepared with what to expect or what to look for during a final walk through.

From the moment you get your bid accepted to when you’re finally handed the keys, the list of what must get done seems daunting and at times endless. Before you are handed over those keys, you should complete a final walk through of the property.

Here are our tips on what you should include on that check list:

  • Turn light fixtures on and off
  • Turn heat and air conditioning on and off
  • Flush all toilets
  • Turn on exhaust fans and garage disposal
  • Turn on all faucets and check for leaks under sinks
  • Open and close all doors and windows
  • Test the garage doors and openers
  • Check on the status of any repairs that have been agreed upon
  • Complete a visual spot check on walls, floors and ceilings
  • Check all major appliances
  • Check exterior of the home
  • Check to make sure any fixtures haven’t been removed that were agreed upon to be left behind
  • Check storage areas to ensure no unwanted items remain

We also want to remind you that a final walk through is not a home inspection. This should be done well before the final walk through to ensure any repairs that need to be made are done before this stage.

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Editor’s Note: This post was originally published in 2018 and was updated for accuracy and comprehensiveness.