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Storage in Boston: Information & Options

You can be overwhelmed quickly when searching for storage options in Boston. It can be difficult to know if you are paying a competitive price, hiring a reputable company, and selecting the perfect storage solutions for your needs. The items you store are meaningful, so you don’t want to take any shortcuts when selecting the best option.


Short-Term Options: While short-term storage can be more expensive, it may also be necessary if you are a Boston area student looking to store items for the summer or doing construction on your home and want to temporarily move out furniture and household items. Boston has short-term storage solutions ranging from daily luggage storage at South Station to month-to-month solutions if you aren’t sure when you’ll need your items back.

Long-Term Options: There are plenty of long-term storage options available in the Boston area in a range of different sized units that fit small belongings or large items such as pianos or cars. Often long-term storage will provide lower monthly rates compared to short-term options.


Self-Storage: Self storage means you pack, deliver and load your items into a storage unit. You may need to rent a vehicle to transport your belongings to and from the storage unit, acquire parking permits and navigate Boston streets in a large vehicle. Self-storage pitfalls may include inadequate security, high costs, and inconvenient access times.

Storage Containers: Similar to self-storage, a portable storage unit can be delivered to you to pack yourself and be picked up and delivered to your storage facility. Often these are smaller in size and can accommodate a room to a room and a half of furniture, so you may need to rent multiple depending on the amount you need to store. An issue that often arises is a lack of availability to customers during busier times of the season or difficulty in meeting your scheduling needs. Storage pods may not be the best option for extreme temperatures since most are not climate controlled.

Full-Service Storage: Full-service storage programs don’t require you to do anything except tell the company you hire what needs to go into the storage vault and then call when you’d like any of those items returned. Some companies will even pack up the items for you. While this can be the most expensive option, you save time and reduce stress during the storage process.


  • Consider the season. Before you sign up for any storage solution, be sure to compare prices! Often there are special promotions depending on the time of year or companies will match prices with competitors.
  • Consider the security. If you are storing valuable items, make sure the storage facility has 24-hour security.
  • Consider the temperature. If you have leather furniture or other items that cannot withstand extreme heat or cold, opt for a temperature-controlled unit.
  • Consider price and convenience. Movers often offer storage as part of their moving packages. While this may be convenient, be sure to compare prices before signing a contract.
  • Consider how often you’ll need access to the items in storage. Some storage units offer itemized inventory & computerized tracking, and can deliver items from your storage unit like an A/C or winter clothing when needed. If you need to retrieve items from your storage unit frequently, you may want to use a full-service storage option for convenience.
  • Consider storage insurance. First, ask your homeowners/renters insurance if items are covered by insurance while in storage. If not, consider buying additional insurance coverage from the storage provider.  Additional storage insurance rates are based on the value of the items in the storage unit vs the poundage option that moving companies automatically give to you.


For those looking for a full-service solution, our team of moving and storing experts offer to:

  • Visit your home for a free evaluation meeting to discuss storage needs
  • Purchase storage containers to protect items going into storage
  • Pack storage items for you
  • Inventory storage items
  • Arrange delivery of items to storage
  • Coordinate items being returned from storage when needed
If you need storage options but aren’t sure where to start, contact our Simplified Storage team today.

Editor’s Note: This post was originally published in April 2017 and has been updated for accuracy and comprehensiveness.