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They are: well-organized, understand the importance of excellent communication, and respect their customers. Something that is really important to my team, they are simple good and honest people in which to do business.”

– William Larkin, Pres. of Larkin Painting Company

Wish you had more storage space but not sure how to get it?

Our concierge storage program provides a much needed answer for city dwellers faced with lacking closet space, people who want to free up additional storage in their homes without having to permanently get rid of their belongings, and families who have lots of personal items they just don’t need access to all of the time. Think sports equipment such as skis, bikes and golf clubs only used several months of the year and off-season clothes such as coats and winter sweaters, summer items such as beach chairs, a picnic basket and cooler, and baby items that your family has outgrown.

The benefit of our concierge storage program is you don’t need to do anything except tell us what needs to go into the storage vault and then give us a call when you’d like any of those items returned. You don’t have to pack up the items or ever step foot in your storage unit and we’ll conveniently pick up the items and return them upon your request.

  • Complementary meeting to discuss storage needs
  • Purchase storage containers
  • Pack storage items
  • Inventory storage items
  • Arrange delivery of items to storage
  • Coordinate items being returned from storage

Simplified provides Simplified Storage through our partnership with Big Foot Moving and Storage, Inc. Big Foot Moving and Storage, Inc. has been a leader in the Massachusetts moving industry since 2002. Their storage warehouse located in Acton, MA provides climate controlled storage vaults. Storage vaults are each 7’ wide x 7’ tall x 5’ deep equaling 245 square feet which is approximately 1 room full of items.

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