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Car Storage For Boston Students

Having a car in the city isn’t always easy. Boston isn’t known for its friendly drivers. New England winters make shoveling out your car a workout. And parking can be frustrating, with drivers continuously circling the block for a spot. Car storage for Boston students is crucial, especially during snowy weather or when students fly home for breaks.

When you’re a student in Boston, the last thing you need to worry about is where to keep your car. Finding a place to store your car, whether it’s just for the night or over summer break, shouldn’t add to your daily stress. Here are a few stress-free ideas for car storage for Boston students:

  • Lease an outdoor parking spot: Leased outdoor parking spaces are usually in residential neighborhoods. More often than not, they are tandem parking spaces. Pros – they are easy to access. Cons – Inclement weather means you’ll need to shovel out your car during New England winters.
  • Lease a garage parking spot: You can find parking garages in most Boston neighborhoods. In addition to having a reserved parking space at all times, there are many perks to a garage space. Your car doesn’t need to be cleared of snow during the winters. Parking garage staff can be extremely helpful – including helping to inflate flat tires and jump start dead car batteries.
  • Car Storage Units: If you’re going to be leaving your car for a longer time frame, a car storage unit may be the best choice. The facilities often have easy, drive-up access and include security systems to keep your car safe at all times.

If you need helping figuring out which car storage option is best for you, contact a member of the Fini Concierge team.

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