Let Fini Concierge Manage Your Properties

It’s time consuming enough to manage the property you live in, let alone the other vacation or income-generating properties you’ve acquired over the years. We understand wanting to really enjoy where you’re currently living and be bogged down by the demands of your other homes. Whether it’s a vacation home or a rental-income property, getting someone else to assist you with managing the property is key to giving you more time to focus on the things you keep pushing to the back-burner.

How Fini Concierge Can Help

You might be nervous handing off the task of managing your properties to someone else, but the team at Fini Concierge has more than a decade’s worth of experience helping homeowners do just that. Here are a few examples of how we help:

  • Checking in on vacant homes for peace of mind
  • Managing tenant relations
  • Scheduling and attending home maintenance appointments
  • Meeting deliveries
  • Prepping homes for new arrivals – whether it be you or a new tenant

Hiring Fini Concierge vs Private Management Firm

There are three big reasons why our personal concierge services may be the best option for you to manage your properties:

  1. Cost: We charge only for time spent working on projects for you. There is no yearly fee. Management companies typically charge between 5%-10% of the total rental income for their services, whether they end up doing an hours’ worth of work for you or 50. Fini Concierge only charges you for work we actually do.
  2. Personal Service: We get to know you and your home(s). Want your fridge stocked with favorite beverages upon arrival to your vacation house? We know what those are. Have a neighbor that is particular about the hours the landscaping company does their work? We’re on top of it. We offer trustworthy, personal services that you often don’t find with management companies.
  3. Referrals: When you need work done, we have a list of vendors that we trust to get those projects done. We don’t take a commission from vendors we work with. That helps give you the extra peace of mind that we are hiring the best for the job.

When you let Fini Concierge help manage your properties, you’re getting time back to focus on your family, your career, and even regaining down-time. Our Home Management Services include scheduling annual appointments, getting landscaping quotes, finding the best contractors for renovation projects, and more.

Editor’s Note: This post was originally published in August 2016 and has been updated for accuracy and comprehensiveness.