Personal Shopping With Fini Concierge

When most people hear the term – personal shopper – the first image that pops into their head is a salesperson at a high-end department store catering to their every whim. Whether that be showing you all the latest fall looks or bringing you a glass of champagne while you figure out which trench coat is best for you this season.

Having a personal shopper can be so much more than that. Fini Concierge offers a number of personal shopping services that can help make your life that much simpler.

  • Groceries – Some people love to grocery shop. Others hate it. And many just don’t have time. Fini makes sure you have a stocked fridge so you’re never left having to order delivery, unless you want to.
  • Gift Giving – It’s hard to keep up with all the birthdays, holidays, anniversaries, weddings, baby showers and other gift giving occasions in-between. Fini will offer unique gift ideas, gift wrap, ship, and even hand deliver gifts. We’ll even put together care packages for children away at school or friends living an ocean away.
  • Organization – Many people love the idea of a neat & tidy home but have no idea where to start. Let Fini organize your home and shop for all the essentials that will help get that done.
  • Hard To Find Items – Having trouble finding a specific type of fabric for a DIY project or a pair of shoes you saw an ad for months ago but can’t find anywhere in stores or online? Let Fini find these items for you.

For more information on how Fini Concierge can help with your personal shopping, contact a team member today.

Hire a Personal Concierge for Your Gift Shopping


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