Return Unwanted Gifts

How To Return, Exchange or Regift Unwanted Gifts (Politely!)

After Christmas, you may be surrounded by gifts you have no use for, or maybe you want to share your holiday haul with others! Here is our guide on how to regift and how to make the return process easier.


Regifting can often be a controversial subject, but however, it can be the perfect way to make someone’s holiday season and saving money on future gifts later down the line. However, there is an etiquette to the practice that must be followed.


You should always choose gifts of value, if the nice shirt you got just isn’t for you, but you think it’d look great on your friend, that would be a good one to regift!

The gifts you aim to regift should be new and in the box, as well as wrapped properly like any other Christmas gift. Take off any name tags and make sure it is presented as new.

Having a “White Elephant” is one of the smartest ways to regift. A White Elephant is like a Yankee Swap, but instead of having a cost limit, the gifts are things you already have. The concept can be a super fun event with friends and is also a great way to get rid of the gifts you think others will appreciate more.

Always keep in mind being respectful and considerate when regifting. The gift giver was kind enough to get you a gift in the first place!


Don’t regift within the same circle of friends – while no one would be upset at the prospect of regifting (everyone does it!), it’s just best to stay safe.

When regifting, don’t regift a junk gift. If you think no one will have a use for it, try and donate it! If the gift is handmade, don’t regift it! Hold on to it and show that person that you care.



If the gift was purchased at a store near you, and returning seems like the best option, this can be a great option. Here are some things to keep in mind:

Some stores change their return policy for the holidays by making it shorter – it may go from a 90 day policy to just 30 days. Considering you don’t know when the gift was purchased, it’s the best idea to go out there as early as possible and do all your returns right away! Always make sure the product is in top condition and always hold on to the receipt!

Now you know how to spend the post holiday return rush! Regifting, a White Elephant, or braving the mall on the 26th are all good ideas to make the post holiday rush less stressful.