Holiday Gift Guides 2021

gift guide

  1. Maui the Pineapple 
  2. Brilliant Bee Crayons
  3. Dentist Play Set
  4. Mr. and Mrs. Tin Time Bot
  5. Loog Mini Acoustic Guitar

gift guide


  1. Sky Candle Company
  2. Double Halo Drops from Shepherd’s Jewelry
  3. Beach Bracelets from Dune Jewelry
  4. Rejuvenating Set from Brown and Coconut
  5. Classic Wolfepack Leather Bag from DeWolfe Leather Goods
  6. Turtleneck Jumper from Mint Julep

gift guide copy

  1. Long Sleeve Flannel 
  2. Glass Jaws Shark Ornament
  3. The “Ramzy” Card Wallet from Tamagini Leather
  4. Boston Row House Print from Lunch City Studio
  5. Upcycled Cotton Beanie