Home Staging Tips for Homes in Boston

A staged home is always guaranteed to sell faster than one that isn’t. A staged home gives the prospective buyer a view into the opportunities and potential of a home space. After working with hundreds of clients across Massachusetts to prepare their home for sale, our team of experts have collected a list of suggestions and tips to make staging your home a success. 


Warm and welcoming lighting in a room shows off the room in the best way possible. Brightening up the space is a surefire way to show off the space and engage people viewing the house.

De-personalize the personal space

Removing the personal items from your spaces will allow viewers of the house to more adequately picture how their personal tastes align with the house. Not everyone shares the same taste, and that’s ok! Having the space be more neutral and less personal will allow for potential buyers to see the options they have in the house.

High quality photos

Taking crisp, high resolution photos of the home will be sure to draw in any potential buyers. Nowadays, most of the real estate landscape takes place online. Buyers are going to shop around for a home online before ever attending an in-person open house. Making sure the photos you share of the house online are top quality is just another way to make sure the house is perfectly staged.

Define the spaces

In any home, a bedroom may shift into a home office, an office might shift into a playroom for the kids and so on. That being said, in order to stage the home in the best way, we suggest defining these spaces in the best way you can. Make sure that bedroom that has not been used as one in years is presented to your viewers as a bedroom and leave it up to them what to do with it in the future.

Hire Professionals

Selling your home is stressful and time consuming, and you don’t want all of the time and hard work to go to waste. Investing in a professional who has a track record of success staging homes is a surefire way to take the stress out of the staging process. Our team can help you with the perfect staging, as well as downsizing, decluttering, and donating unwanted goods to local businesses. We specialize in professional organizing and staging is just one part of that! If staging your home on your own seems to be a daunting task, we can help! Contact Simplified and see what we can do for you.