Your 2021 Massachusetts Trick or Treating Plan

In 2020, trick or treating looked a little different – or maybe it didn’t happen at all. Luckily, 2021 is looking a lot more optimistic! The vaccine has allowed for 2021’s Halloween night to be mostly back to normal! We recommend that you keep an eye on your local situation as well as following all the health guidelines to ensure for the safest and best night possible.

Staying safe

Hand sanitizer and masks will be great to keep on hand the night of the 31st. One alteration many houses are trying out this year is making sure to hand the candy out individually instead of using a bowl that multiple people are grabbing into. Many people, if the weather allows, are also setting up outside to prevent multiple touches on doorbells.

The best candy

Once you have a plan for how to keep things safe, what is the best candy to hand out? What’s the best candy for the kids to get? Candy Store has published an interactive map of all 50 states most popular Halloween candies. In Massachusetts, the top three are Sour Patch Kids, with Butterfinger, and Dubble Bubble Gum coming in at second and third place. While maybe not the most obvious choices, the statistics don’t lie!

Local Sweets

When it comes to the candy, try something local! There were always be the tried and true candies, Reese’s, M&Ms, and so on, but there are so many local chocolatiers and candy shops to go out and explore for something a bit more unique. Now we are not suggesting that you hand out high quality chocolate to every kid who stops by, but trying some new sweet treats for you and the family would be a perfect way to change up the normal candy traditions. Some of our favorites in the city are Phillip’s Chocolates in Dorchester, which touts themselves as the city’s oldest chocolatier!  Their chocolate turtles have even made Oprah’s favorites list in 2015. Boston Magazine formed a list of ten more of their favorite spots in the city if you want more ideas!

Candy and fun are essential parts of Halloween, and Simplified wants to make sure the holiday goes as smoothly as possible! If you need a personal shopper, a party planner, or anything in between, Simplified Holiday Services is here to help and make the 31st be as fun and stress free as can be!