Fini Concierge Grocery Delivery Service: Full Service Option

Local Grocery Delivery Service in Boston

Most people fall into two camps when it comes to shopping for groceries: Love it or Hate it. For those that are in the ‘Hate it’ category, there are thankfully lots of options, including our local grocery delivery service, when it comes to getting your groceries that don’t involve you stepping foot into a store.


  • Order delivery from an online grocery store e.g. Amazon and Walmart Grocery
  • Order delivery from a local grocery store through a  third -party app e.g. Peapod and Instacart
  • Order delivery from a local grocery store by a personal concierge


Some of the more popular delivery options include services where you put in a grocery order online, someone else shops and next thing you know groceries are delivered to your door. The only catch is – you must be home to meet the delivery.

For those that just can’t be home for grocery deliveries, other options that ship fresh and shelf stable food have proven to be a good resource. But one of the biggest complaints we hear regarding these types of services is – you have to hold onto all of the packaging until the next shipment. Sure, you could ask the delivery person to wait around while you unpack all 10 bags of groceries, but who really does that? So, in lieu of having someone awkwardly watch you unpack groceries, you are left with a dozen reusable tote bags, foam coolers you have to break down, and an assortment of ice packs. Where do you store these? Yeah, we don’t know either.


If any of the above options don’t sound like they are for you, consider this:

  1. Send the Fini Concierge team your grocery list.
  2. Let us know when is convenient for you to have us deliver them. (You don’t even need to be home.)
  3. We put the groceries where they need to go and can empty out the fridge and pantry of older food if you like.
  4. We put away or dispose of grocery bags and unnecessary packaging.
  5. You arrive home and your kitchen is stocked with everything on your list.

Our local grocery delivery option as part of our Errand Services may be the solution you’ve been searching for. We will do everything from weekly grocery shops and dry cleaning pickups to taking your car in for service and buying birthday gifts.

Editor’s Note: This post was originally published in May 2017 and has been updated for accuracy and comprehensiveness.