unique host/ess gift ideas

Unique Host/ess Gift Ideas For Any Occasion

It’s nice to gather with friends and family– especially when you don’t have to worry about putting it together! If you’ve ever hosted before, you know how much can go into planning, set up, and clean up for an event or dinner. That’s why it’s such a nice feeling when a guest brings a gift. It says that they appreciate your efforts and hospitality! If you have an upcoming event you’ve been invited to but don’t know what to bring, we have some ideas that your host or hostess will love:


  • Treat Box: Who doesn’t love to snack? A treat box with little gourmet jams, chocolates, and exotic fruits for the avid foodie is a great gift. We particularly like this charcuterie-themed box from Hickory Farms.
  • Oil and Vinegar Set: This Crate and Barrel set of infused cooking oils will make a lovely addition to the kitchen of the host who likes to cook.
  • Custom Map: For a housewarming party, a custom map of their area or city will make a lovely addition to their new home.
  • Cheese Board Set: the title says it all, but see for yourself how functional this set is!
  • Cheese Knife Set: pretty to look at, and fun to break them out for dinners! This cheese knife set would make a handy gift.
  • “Clean” Wine: you can’t go wrong with a bottle of wine, but this set from Avaline will  stand apart from others. There’s few regulations for what can be added to wine, and this set brands itself as a cleaner standard. It does so by doing away with additives like sugars, concentrates, and colors. A great gift for the wine loving and health-conscious hostess!
  • Tea Towels: Williams Sonoma often has irresistible in store for us, and these beautiful La Vie en Rose tea towels are hardly the exception.
  • Luxury Candle: this clean and sustainable candle will give a rich and comforting scent to help  wind down after a long day or night of hosting (especially when paired with that delicious wine set.)

Whatever the occasion, showing your gratitude to your host or hostess with a gift is good guest etiquette. It’s also a kind gesture that will surely earn you another invitation in the future! Have a specific occasion and aren’t sure what kind of gift is best? Reach out to our team for more unique gift recommendations!