Back to school concierge services

Top 10 Ways Fini Concierge Can Help with Back to School

Summer’s almost over and with less than a month left before the school year begins, you realize you are way behind on getting your kids ready to go back to school. There’s everything from school supply lists and new clothes to after-school activities and tutors. You’re not sure where to begin. Luckily, our back to school concierge services can help.

Our team of concierges are parents too, so they are equipped to handle everything this crazy time of year throws at them. (That’s why we are Best of Boston®!) Here are the top 10 ways we can help you go seamlessly from summer break to back-to-school with our back to school concierge services:

  1. School Supplies: The supply list can be overwhelming. Let Fini Concierge grab all the back-to-school essentials for your kids.
  2. New Clothing/Shoes: If the thought of shopping with your kids is stressful, let us do all the shopping online. We’ll even return or exchange what doesn’t fit or isn’t an instant hit.
  3. After School: Need help figuring out what your kids will do after school? Whether it’s an activity such as dance or art class or a school sports team, we’ll help with finding the perfect class and will even pick up the hockey sticks.
  4. Childcare: Whether you need help with childcare before or after school, we can find the perfect babysitter or childcare program to fit your busy schedule.
  5. Teacher Gifts: Not sure what to welcome your child’s new teacher with? Let our team of concierges figure that out for you.
  6. School Vacation: We’ll help find the perfect camps for kids during school breaks. Whether it’s a week-long camp during February break or something more extended during the summer, we’ll give you all the best options to pick from.
  7. Transportation: Does your kid take the school bus, MBTA or need a car service? Let us find the best school transportation option for your kids.
  8. Meals: If your child would prefer not to have school-provided lunches, we can help arrange for easy and delicious lunches (and snacks!) for your kids to take to school so you’re not up all night packing them.
  9. Birthday Parties: Whether your kids are invited to a dozen birthday parties or you want to throw a party for your little one, let us help with gift buying, invitations and all the party planning to make it as stress-free for you as possible.
  10. Tutors: If your child needs a little extra help with certain subjects, we can find the perfect tutor.

If you’d like to use our back to school concierge services to assist with everything on your to do list, contact us about how we can help with our Personal Admin Services.

Looking to give back this school year? Join us in supporting School on Wheels Massachusetts.

Editor’s Note: This post was originally published August 15, 2017 and has been updated for accuracy and comprehensiveness.