Tips for Moving During the COVID-19 Pandemic

While we all continue to make smart decisions on who to see and where to go to avoid unnecessary contact with people during the COVID-19 pandemic, many people are still in the position of tackling a move during this time. Moves are inherently stressful, and more so during this unprecedented time. Here are our tips below for ways you can minimize your stress.

Virtual Estimates:

Moving companies have had to readjust the way they provide estimates for their clients and many are able to provide estimates via video or a virtual walk-through of a home. Ask your moving company about how they are accommodating social distancing measures during the estimation process.

New Donation Regulations:

Moving motivates us on to sort through our stuff and get rid of items that no longer fit into our lives. It’s an ideal time to pass those items along to others who would appreciate them. But many non-profit organizations have had to change the way they accept donated items. Make sure to check out the local websites of these organizations to learn about new regulations and drop-off times to save you from frustration of just showing up and being turned away with a trunk full of items you were planning on giving.

Make Sure You Have Plenty Of Supplies:

Many people are deciding to do more move prep themselves these days, minimizing how long movers are in your home packing up your items. If that is your plan, make sure that you order more than enough packing supplies (and don’t forget enough tape!) so that you don’t have to make last minute runs to the store. Using online tools such as this packing calculator from can help you determine just how many boxes you need.

Plan A and Plan B:

If we’ve learned nothing else this past year, it’s that flexibility and patience are keys to navigating projects during the pandemic. We suggest thinking through a Plan B in case your initial plans end up with some wrinkles due to the pandemic – someone gets sick, travel plans are delayed or logistics are changed

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