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Tips For Planning A Heartfelt Baby Shower

Welcoming a new addition to the family is a joyous occasion worth celebrating, and what better way to do so than with a heartfelt baby shower? Whether you’re planning for a dear friend, family member, or even yourself, orchestrating the perfect baby shower requires careful thought, attention to detail, and a touch of creativity. Here are our expert tips and insights to help you plan a memorable and stress-free baby shower that honors the parents-to-be and creates cherished memories for all.

Baby Shower Planning Checklist

We’ve curated a comprehensive baby shower planning checklist to guide you through the process, from selecting a theme to sending out thank-you notes. Join us as we break down the essential steps to creating a memorable and stress-free celebration for the mom-to-be and her growing family.

  1. Due Date. When is the baby due? Typically, baby showers are scheduled one to two months before the baby is due. Anything later than 38 weeks risks baby being at the party! If some guests are traveling from out of town, you may want to give them as much of a heads up as possible to plan travel.
  2. Guests. How big or small do you want this to be? Is this an intimate affair with just family and a few close friends or are professional colleagues and others invited too?
  3. Theme. Boy or girl? Gender reveal party? A party based on how the baby’s room will be decorated? There are so many options you can go with.
  4. Location. This will largely be based on the size of the guest list. If smaller, could a friend host in their home or backyard? If larger, you may want to consider restaurant event rooms or even local museums for event space.
  5. Games. Parents-to- be usually fall very much on the pro or NOT ME side of games at baby showers. If yes, there are lots of options for fun and silly games. If not, you can always host raffles for those who also bring baby essentials such as diapers and wipes to the shower.
  6. Refreshments. Catered? Potluck? Brunch? Tea party? No matter what you choose, make sure to plan your menu in advance so there are little to no last-minute food and beverage runs that need to be made.
  7. Invitations. Paper invites or email? Either way you go, make sure you also include an RSVP by date and information on how to find the baby registry.
  8. Party Favors. These aren’t required but are always a nice way to say how much you appreciate your guests coming.
  9. Thank You Cards. These are a must. Be sure to send thank you cards for all the gifts received for the baby. It’s helpful to have someone writing down gifts and the name of the gift giver as gifts are opened if this happens during the baby shower.

Planning a baby shower is a labor of love that brings together friends and family to celebrate the impending arrival of a precious little one. With the help of Simplified Events, you can navigate every aspect of the event with ease and confidence. From setting a date and creating a guest list to selecting the perfect theme and coordinating decorations, we have you covered every step of the way. By following these guidelines, you can ensure that the mom-to-be feels cherished and celebrated, and that the baby shower is a truly unforgettable occasion for all. Here’s to creating beautiful memories and welcoming the newest addition to the family with joy and excitement!


Editor’s Note: This post was originally published in January 2018 and has been updated for accuracy and comprehensiveness.