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Thanksgiving Services: Plan, Prep, and Enjoy

Thanksgiving is more than a date on the calendar; it’s an emotion, an ambiance, and a moment to cherish. However, behind the scenes of that picturesque dinner and laughter is meticulous planning and execution. At Simplified, we believe in making your festivities grand without the grandeur of stress. Through our tailored Holiday Services, we introduce a world where we bear the brunt of preparations, and you revel in the joyous outcomes.

Journey of Flavors

First and foremost, the grand Thanksgiving meal. Perhaps you dream of a traditional spread or envision a contemporary feast. Either way, our personal concierge team can:

  • Arrange a personal chef consultation,
  • Source the finest ingredients, and
  • Even facilitate wine pairings for that ultimate culinary experience.

Moreover, for those moments when you fancy a twist to the traditional turkey or a unique dessert, we’re on hand to suggest and organize.

THANKSGIVING Décor and Ambience

Setting the scene is pivotal. Consequently, we:

  • Curate a range of thematic décor options,
  • Help with table settings, and
  • Even provide lighting solutions to set the perfect Thanksgiving ambiance.

Furthermore, if you’re thinking of a centerpiece that becomes a conversation starter, we’ve got some brilliant ideas up our sleeve.

Guest Management AND ASSISTANCE

Given that Thanksgiving is about being with loved ones, if you’re anticipating guests from out of town, rest assured. In addition to reserving accommodations, we can curate a list of local attractions to keep them entertained during their stay.

Seamless Execution

As the aroma of roasted turkey wafts through the air on the big day and guests begin to arrive, our team will already have ensured a smooth flow of events. From coordinating with caterers to ensuring every tiny detail is in place, your day will roll smoothly.


In essence, our role is to transform your Thanksgiving vision into reality, ensuring it’s memorable for the right reasons. Entrust us with the minutiae, and immerse yourself in the celebration. Discover the breadth and depth of our Holiday Services, and let’s make this Thanksgiving one for the books.

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