Wedding shower alternatives

Alternatives to Traditional Wedding Showers

Weddings and all of the parties leading up to it are some of the most memorable celebrations of our lives. And while we love a good party, not all couples are up for a traditional wedding shower. And that’s okay. We have plenty of ideas for good alternatives to traditional wedding showers if the couple you’re celebrating might not be down for brunch and balloons.

  • Do something charitable. A lot of couple eschew wedding gifts for donations to a charity or two of their choice. This idea is along the same lines. Find a cause the couple is really passionate about and organize an event to support it. Maybe it’s cleaning up a trail in their favorite state park. Or putting together care packages for overseas troops. Or running a 5k to raise money for a children’s organization.
  • Take a cooking class. A lot of people are great at cooking on their own in the kitchen, but what about together as a couple? Find a cooking class that the couple and their friends can take together that will help them level up their partner skills in the kitchen.
  • Go on a group hike. There is no better mood lifter than the outdoors, so why not get all of the couple’s favorite people together for a hike? Bring along picnics, pups and take plenty of photos.
  • Sign up for a flower arranging class. If the couple is planning on DIYing some of the wedding, why not sign them and the wedding party up for a flower arranging class? That way, everyone has the skills to put together amazing floral arrangements for the wedding.

Our team at Fini has become experts at planning and throwing parties of all kinds, for all occasions. There are plenty more options for alternatives to traditional wedding showers, and we’re happy to help you get started! If you aren’t sure where to start with planning an untraditional wedding shower, contact our team about our Simplified Events program.

Editor’s Note: This post was originally published in April 2018 and has been updated for accuracy and comprehensiveness.