Happy Teachers Gifts

10 End-of-Year Gifts Teachers Will (Actually) Love

It’s May and your student is in the home stretch for finishing this school year- and so are teachers! With their dedication to education and all that they do to go above and beyond for young learners, especially these past couple years, it’s safe to say they deserve some praise. A gift is a nice gesture to show appreciation and say “thank you” for all that they do. Coming up with a gift that they’ll actually enjoy can be a pop-quiz not everyone knows the answer to. That’s why we at Simplified came up with a list of gift ideas that are not only thoughtful, but practical for teachers’ needs– including after school! Here’s just a few gifts to get you started:

10 Thoughtful and Unique gift ideas:

  1. Mug warmer – Most people need their cup of fuel in the morning, and teachers are no exception. But between back to back lectures and lessons, they often find that their coffee or tea has gone cold by noon. A mug warmer is a small, simple solution that can make their day a little sweeter. And with every freshly-warmed sip, they’re sure to think of their considerate gift-giver.
  2. Keepsake/ memory box – Teachers treasure all the students they’ve had over the years, and many keep mementos from each school year or gifts they’ve gotten. An equally precious place to store those memories is something they’ll absolutely adore. A beautifully designed box, trunk, or crate will make them feel all the more special. (Extra credit: have your student or their class decorate the box themselves or sign it with thoughtful notes.)
  3. Desk name tag – Younger students usually make name-tags for their desks at the start of the year, but teacher deserves something a little more permanent. Consider gifting a name plaque for their desk if they don’t already have one. (Extra credit: write a little note on the side that faces them so they can have a pick-me-up when they need it.)
  4. Personalized stationary and supplies – A role as important as teaching the next generation deserves to feel just as important! A matching set of personalized note pads, pens, keychain, stamper, stapler, etc. can help them feel refined, organized, and ready to take on the next school year.
  5. Desk charging station – Everything’s online nowadays, and a place to keep electronics and cords neat is a charging station. Teachers will appreciate the space that’s freed up, a designated spot for their things, and the visual improvement.
  6. Summer relaxation kit – Maybe you’d like to give a gift that can be used before the fall. A summer relaxation box or basket with all the warm-weather essentials such as: a beach towel,  an insulated tumbler, reef-safe sunscreen, sunglasses or eye mask, a good book, and a portable hammock are a few ideas for a soothing start to the summer season. Simplified can even pick out, pick up, and perfectly wrap the kit to boot.
  7. Self-care kit – In a similar vein, take the route of a self-care themed kit. A soothing candle, lotion, essential oils, facial masks, a spa gift card, and/or a subscription to a sleep or mediation app can help teachers unwind from school mode.
  8. Photo frame and Thank You card – Help teachers memorialize your student’s year with a frame for their class photo (or an impromptu, candid) and a card signed by your student and the class. (Extra credit:  if your student’s class is on the younger side, gift a disposable camera for teacher to take some snapshots they can put in a photo album.)
  9. Functional tote-bag – Teachers have a lot of books, papers, and now electronics that they bring to school every day. A functional tote bag with pockets and organizers is a lovely way to simplify their day. (Extra credit: Have their initials, the class year, or the name they go by with students embroidered on the bag for that personal feel.)
  10. Gift cards – When all else fails, you can’t go wrong with a gift card. Simple; usable; and always appreciated, a gift card to a delicious restaurant, subscription, or service can be a quick way to show teachers they’re appreciated. This is especially handy if you have multiple teachers to get gifts for. (Extra credit: if you can find out what types of things suite their particular tastes, all the better!)

A little something to show teachers they’ve done an A+ job can go a long way in making them feel appreciated at the end of the year. With any of these ideas, you’re sure to leave a memorable mark that will have teachers remembering your student’s gracious gift for years to come.

And as always, Simplified can take this task right off your hands and into your “already done” list (because we know you’re just as busy, too.) Reach out to a member of our team to see how we can simplify your gift giving.