Planning The Ultimate Bachelor/Bachelorette Party In Boston

We LOVE planning parties and that includes bachelorette and bachelor parties in Boston. There’s just something about celebrating the transition of someone’s life from single to officially coupled that brings out the fun in everyone. And honestly, any excuse to celebrate is reason enough for a party in our eyes.

If you’re looking to plan the ultimate bachelor or bachelorette party in Boston, here are our top tips for making the most out of this celebration.

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Wedding shower alternatives

Alternatives to Traditional Wedding Showers

Weddings and all of the parties leading up to it are some of the most memorable celebrations of our lives. And while we love a good party, not all couples are up for a traditional wedding shower. And that’s okay. We have plenty of ideas for good alternatives to traditional wedding showers if the couple you’re celebrating might not be down for brunch and balloons.

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