PO Box

Which PO Box service is right for you?

We love having PO boxes as options for receiving mail. Benefits include privacy protection, a more secure delivery location, and a permanent address for those without one. PO Boxes are also great options for small businesses that operate out of a home.

How do you know which PO box service is right for you? Here’s a rundown of the most common options:


Great for personal or businesses use, United States Post Services PO Boxes offer a variety of size options and allow for package delivery. Some offer 24/7 access and smartphone alerts for mail.


The biggest benefit of a PO box at UPS is that it offers you a street address, not a PO box number. There are certain places that will not deliver to PO box addresses. Most locations also offer a variety of PO box sizes and 24/7 access.

Smaller Options

You will occasionally find general stores that offer PO boxes within them. Before committing to a PO box with them, we suggest asking what the access hours are, if you get a street of PO box address with them, and how they handle package delivery.

Need help figuring out which option is best for you? Ask about our Personal Admin services.