Covid-19 Support


Restocking Supplies

We know that most of us hit the stores to ensure we had enough food and supplies for a while, but when you’re starting to get low, the Simplified team is available to help!  We’re taking safety precautions to keep ourselves healthy so we can continue to support you, meaning you don’t have to go out to the stores at all, lowering your risk.  Send us a list of items that you need and we’ll drop them at your door.

Educating Your Kiddos

We’re not professional educators but we’re parents who have now become home schoolers, just like you! We know how challenging it is to come up with not only enough educational activities to fill the day but ones that engage your kids as well – there are only so many worksheets one child can do. And if you have multiple kids or not enough resources from your schools yet, it makes it quite overwhelming. We can help! Our team can provide a list of educational activities and resources based on the ages of your children, including but not limited to a daily/weekly schedule and educational plans. We will order supplies, support you becoming a home-school parent, and even provide ideas for how to keep the family sane while spending so much time together!  Let’s keep it fun and interesting!

Home Organizing

Take some time each day to tackle the clutter and get your kids to help, too!  We will send you organizing tips, conduct virtual organizing sessions together, and provide encouragement to re-organize your home.  When the donations pile up or you have a full bag of clothes that you’d like to consign, leave them on your front porch or in your garage, and we’ll swing by and pick them up for you. You’ll feel lighter without ever needing to leave the house.

Getting Ahead On Life

Let’s use this time to get ahead on all of the projects that come up that we never have time to get to. That way when we stop social distancing and life gets back to the daily craziness, you’ll have all of these projects checked off of your list.  Think address lists for next year’s holiday cards, a list of all of the important dates coming up this year for birthdays, anniversaries and special days. That way we can order flowers or a gift and have it sent directly with a note from you. Let’s order and make those summer camp care packages now. You’ll be so thankful come July! There will also come a time when we can travel again…let us start planning your holiday vacations for next winter and beyond.

Spring Cleaning

We’re certainly thankful that it’s been feeling more like spring than winter so we can get outside and not feel so couped up in the house.Use this time to do some spring cleaning — flip your mattress, pull out all of the kids’ clothes and make a pile of items they’ve outgrown. Go through your bookshelves, garage, attic and basement.  We’ll take your comforters and winter jackets to be cleaned and grab your book and toy donations as well. Just set them out on your porch for us.

Make Someone’s Day

We can send a thoughtful gift to your loved one who is also staying at home — fun crafts for your niece or nephew to do, a great book your sister will love, a soup making kit for your mom or a self-care package to your best friend.  We can order or assemble and send off for you.  On your behalf, our team can order you gift cards from local stores which make great gifts for friends and family to use when all of the restrictions are lifted.

Gifts, Gifts and More Gifts

We can send you a curated gift lists to help you get ahead of your gift giving for the rest of the year that will also provide a lifeline to small, local retailers in these trying times when they definitely need all of our support.

We are here to help.