Cape Cod Concierge Services

Serving residents, vacationers and second home owners.

Personal Concierge Services Tailored to Cape Cod

Have your to-do list completed while you enjoy time with your family, put in a couple of extra hours at work or relax on the beach. Arrive home to a fully stocked refrigerator, fresh flowers on the table and wine chilling on the deck without fighting the crowds at the supermarket. Reduce stress while you’re away by having an as-needed assistant check-in for you.

Second Home Owners

Simplified provides relief from the pains of owning a vacation home on Cape Cod. It’s no secret that second home ownership on Cape Cod, when it’s sometimes challenging to get there as much as you’d like, can be a bit stressful. Overseeing vendors woFrking on your home or prepping the house for guests’ arrivals can become a drag if you don’t have someone you can trust to ensure that things are as they should be when you are not there.

Simplified’s services are an excellent option to reduce the stress of second home ownership -- from opening a cottage and stocking its kitchen to conducting home check-ins during the winter months, our team is available with one call to help, providing much needed peace of mind for our clients who often aren’t able to spend as much time at their Cape home as they’d like.

When clients do arrive at the Cape, they no longer have to battle the hectic pace of Cape Cod during the summer months, Simplified clients are free to enjoy time with their family, take a Pilates class or spend the afternoon at the beach with friends, as their to-do lists are already checked off.


For those visiting Cape Cod, small projects such as taking clothes to the laundromat, delivering a picnic basket lunch, providing recommendations on area activities and restaurants, and running to the store for forgotten provisions such as sunscreen and bug spray make for a relaxing, restful stay. You can arrive to your rental property with a fully stocked refrigerator and pantry and freshly made beds so that you don’t have to battle the lines at the grocery and liquor stores. Our team is available to assist with your planning needs before your arrive on the Cape and then for the duration of your stay. Count on our team to point you to the best surfing instructors, market to buy fresh off the boat fish and quiet sunset beach retreats.

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